The Works Real Estate Package

Stills, Matterport Virtual Tour & Video

I am now offering my clients the full package of real estate imaging solutions. This package covers any size house and will allow you to present compelling images in print, online and with Matterport virtual tours.


Three-String Approach


I think of my ‘Works” package as a three string approach.

  • 1 – The stills are simply beautiful shots that are used for getting peoples attention and should cover every major aspect of the house as little artworks that are ideal as the cornerstone of your marketing plan. All rooms and major features.
  • 2 – The Matterport Tour gives visitors the ability to walk through the house and see EVERY last detail. It is perfect for someone remotely obsessing over a property they are considering by allowing them to spend as long as they want to explore every nook and cranny.
  • 3 – In my opinion the video is supposed to be inspirational, it is there to highlight the most evocative and best aspects of the house, It is not a literal walkthrough (that’s what the Matterport is for) but rather to inspire people around the key elements that we think makes this house unique. Perhaps it is its architecture, outdoor flow or location. So I never cover every bedroom and room unless I am specifically directed to (and I am happy to do that if you wish no problem). The other key driver for this is that people do not watch real estate videos that are longer than 2 minutes and many will turn off after a minute. To me it is imperative the video goes wow on Social Media and pulls people into your listing. Ideally I would like to make these videos last no longer than 90 seconds


 You will get a full set of beautifully shot and presented images at print and web resolution, a Matterport virtual immersive tour and a captivating short video which captures the ambience and essence of your property.


Please contact me for pricing information and to book your slot.


The house in this example was shot for Helen Ruston from KC & Co, Nelson, in February 2021 and is currently for sale. Used with permission.

Stills Gallery

Matterport Tour